CareerTack offers support to highly educated status holders and newcomers in the Netherlands in finding suitable work and guides them during their first year on the labor market.



Finding work in the Dutch labor market is often a challenge for newcomers, even if they are highly educated, have work experience and are fully motivated. Despite the growing demand for personnel and regular reports of personnel shortages in the media, it remains difficult for both job seekers and employers to find each other. Careertack aims to tackle this problem by supporting and coaching experienced professionals who are new to the Netherlands in finding (temporary) work. Our services are aimed at talented newcomers with at least a bachelor’s degree, work experience, practical knowledge of Dutch and/or English (preferably B2; minimum level B1), and a Dutch BSN number.

The founders of Careertack, Willem-Jan Blok and Annemijn Blok-Versteeg, have worked and lived worldwide for 25 years. Their own experiences inspired them to found Careertack. First of all, they have experienced for themselves that there are skilled and driven professionals everywhere in the world. In addition, they understand how crucial it is to receive local support when finding your way in a new country.

Through Careertack, Annemijn and Willem-Jan use their international background, expertise and network to support newcomers in the Netherlands in successfully continuing their professional lives. Their extensive network provides the opportunity to connect newcomers with professional companies and organizations, demonstrating that the talents of newcomers can significantly enrich companies. By hiring newcomers through Careertack, a company can count on a motivated and qualified employee. In addition, a company or organization contributes to the integration of newcomers, promotes diversity in the workplace and provides a positive social impact for newcomers, the company and the Dutch labor market. A win-win situation for everyone!

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