Our Approach

What makes us unique?

At Careertack, all candidates start with a temporary assignment, which offers an advantageous solution for both the employee and the employer. In this way, both parties have the freedom to evaluate whether the entered into agreement works for them. This unique approach combines economic relevance with social responsibility.

Candidates come into contact with Careertack through various channels. This can often be done through personal recommendations, word of mouth, or by partnering with various organizations that support newcomers and then refer them to Careertack for help finding a job. This collaboration not only strengthens the candidates’ confidence in our services, but also expands the network of organizations that are committed to the integration of newcomers into the Dutch labor market. You can contact Careertack via our website, e-mail or telephone.

1. Intake

After the first contact and registration, candidates send their CV and a completed intake form. Based on this, an extensive intake interview follows to deepen the information already provided. During this interview, candidates provide detailed information about their skills and work experience, discuss their job requirements and Careertack's working method is explained. The intake process is aimed at gaining a clear picture of the candidate, so that a good profile can be drawn up for finding suitable assignments and companies.

2. Match

Our matching process is aimed at finding the optimal combination between candidate and company. Since each candidate is unique, during the matching process we take into account individual circumstances, skills and preferences discussed during the intake interview. We support candidates in preparing for interviews and strive to be present at the candidates' interviews. Our ultimate goal is to realize the ideal professional match, where both the candidate and the company can optimally benefit from the collaboration.

4. Guide

We offer support to both employees and employers in the field of cross-cultural aspects throughout the entire employment contract. We do this to achieve our ultimate goal: establishing a good and productive employment relationship that can ultimately lead to a permanent employment contract between employee and employer. Our guidance is aimed at bridging cultural differences and promoting mutual understanding, which is crucial for successful long-term cooperation.

3. Prepare

We aim to foster successful collaborations between employees and employers by providing training and guidance to both parties. New hires receive an introduction to the Dutch work culture and practical tips through our "Working in the Netherlands" program. Additionally, we ensure clear communication of expectations between both parties beforehand. This transparency contributes to a positive working relationship and a productive start to the collaboration.